Foot file rasp


Eliminates corns and calluses.

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Foot rasp with double function: the yellow part is the abrasive side with a strong removal action; the part with pumice stone, on the other hand, is milder and serves to finish the treatment.
Removes corns and calluses. Minimizes the formation of fissures and helps the foot to avoid dryness that generates painful cracks.
If kept with care, without letting it fall to the ground, this foot rasp will last you a lifetime!

Begin the pedicure treatment with your feet already softened by a warm foot bath for about 10 minutes, or after taking a shower.
Dry your foot thoroughly before using the rasp.
Use the more abrasive yellow part first using medium pressure, firm but not painful.
Pay attention to pass well into the heels, which is generally the most problematic area.
Then, use the pumice stone from the other side to perfect the work.
Do you really want an excellent result in SPA Luxury style?
After using the rasp, without rinsing the foot with water, apply a "nut" of MANTEIGA Soluble Body Scrub to Maracuja.
Gently massage for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.
Now, finally, apply a veil of MANTEIGA Body Butter with your favorite fragrance.

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