Manteiga passion fruit soluble body scrub

Removes dead cells.

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Removes dead cells and minimizes ingrown hair.
It gives a silky, supple and soft skin.
Helps prevent skin cracking due to dry skin.
Unique fragrance with passion fruit (Maracuja).
This Scrub is unique because it is "soluble": by massaging it, it completely assumes the form of oil that is absorbed by the skin, for deep hydration. All that remains, to rinse, are only the natural seeds of the passion fruit.
Its buttery composition typical of the Manteiga line, allows you to use all the product even after weeks, without it drying out in the jar, forcing you to throw away a lot of product unnecessarily (which always happens with the classic scrubs composed of sugar and oil ).
If used consistently, it helps prevent the "orange peel" effect.
In the summer it helps to even out the tan, which will therefore be wonderful.

With dry skin, apply the Scrub to the area of ​​interest and massage vigorously.
After a few minutes of massage, rinse with water only without using various soaps.
If your skin is very dry, after the Scrub treatment, I suggest you apply MANTEIGA Body Butter with your favorite fragrance.

170 ml

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