Moreninha colored face uniforming cream


A single shade that adapts to all skin types.

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Uniforms the skin while maintaining an extremely natural effect.
Eliminates the "pale" appearance and the faded "yellow" of the face.
Also suitable for you who want a see-through makeup.
Minimizes the discontinuity of the skin affected by sun spots.
Its composition is rich in rice oil, collagen and hyaluronic acid: this composition guarantees a hydrated face skin and favors the application of the product, avoiding the "wax mask" effect.

The Moreninha cream is really performing and therefore requires the application of little product.
Apply a small amount of cream on the tip of the index finger, staple it on the face and then gently spread by massaging.
Moreninha cream should absolutely not be spread with a brush or sponge.
After you have applied the cream, with the heat of the face it will uniform itself to your complexion.
If you have very fair skin, I recommend that you use very little product. If, on the other hand, you have darker skin you can afford to abound a little more.

30 ml

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